Iowa Democratic Party 4TH CONGRESSIONAL


Audubon to Wright and everything IN BETWEEN.


Iowa’s 4th Congressional District includes 39 of Iowa’s 99 counties. The vast district covers the north west and north central portions of Iowa. The largest cities in the region are Sioux City in Woodbury County and Ames in Story County.

The District Central Committee is comprised of three people from each county (Story and Woodbury each have 6) and are elected at the County Conventions to a two year term. Members of the district central committee serve as the governing body of the Fourth District Democrats (IDP4).

Of the 39 counties within Iowa’s 4th District, 24 of the Democratic County Parties have an Internet presence.

State Central Committee members are elected to a two year term at the District Convention.

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IDP4 Officers and State Central Committee Members in Iowa’s 4th District



Madalyn Anderson, IDP4 Secretary

John Clough, IDP4 Treasurer

State Central Committee members for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District

Amanda Malaski, Chris Peterson, Doug Neys, Emma Schmit, Jeremy Dumkrieger, Jon Klein, Landra Reece, Penny Rosfjord

Affirmative Action Chair 4th District

Sherry Washington

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